Bill Taylor (billtaylor)

I am a long time photographer and videographer. I started in 1970 with a Minolta SRT-101 while in the US Army stationed in Germany. A lot of other fancier cameras have come, broken, and gone, but the 101 is still very useable. My favorite camera for many years was my 1950s vintage Speed Graphic 4x5 press camera. In past years I shot digitally with a Sony DSC-S70 and then acquired a Sony DSC-F707 from my good friend Bob Jagendorf (may he RIP) who guided me to SmugMug.

In 2004 I was introduced to the Foveon X3 sensor in the Sigma SD9 DSLR. Since then I have continued that path, acquiring the Sigma SD10, SD14, SD15, DP1, DP2 and most recently the incredible SD1M. The images produced with the Foveon sensor are spectacular. It's not for everything, but for landscapes and portraits it is unsurpassed, IMHO.

I also carry a Nikon D5300 for quick shots in all lighting conditions. When the subject is serious, and there is good lighting, then the Sigma Foveon cameras are the best tool for me.

For video I shot with a Canon Optura (the original one) and a Sony DCR-TRV-950 for many years. More recently I have acquired an all digital Sony HDR-XR200 that is awesome! My iPhone 7 Plus and iPad 3 video are now excellent also.

It is taking me a while to get things posted, but thanks for visiting and please feel free to comment on my work. BT